Weekend activities in nature

There is often more time for father and child activities at weekends. You might have time to go for a walk in the country together. You can try exploring the possibilities in your local area – or find inspiration here:

Copenhagen and surroundings

Grantoftegård is an organic farm in Ballerup, where visitors can meet horses, pigs, cows and sheep.

The Blue Planet shows a whole world of underwater natural life.

Ishøj Nature Centre arranges a variety of nature events all year round.

Open country close to the city

Close to Copenhagen, you can spend the night close to nature, look for rare plants, learn hands-on about the sea or visit a farm.

The Botanical Garden is a green oasis in the centre of Copenhagen where you can discover lots of different plants.

At the Open Air Museum in Lyngby, there are plenty of outdoor activities for dads and children, and you can visit historic houses, farms, gardens and mills.

Nature Park Amager is a huge area of open country on the outskirts of Amager with space for lots of nature activities. You can even stay overnight.


Esrum Monastery has a nature playground, monastery garden and adventure trails.

TheKaren Blixen Bird Sanctuary focuses especially on birdlife and biodiversity.

At Lejre Land of Legends you can shoot with a bow and arrow and sail in a Stone Age boat.

Outdoors in historic places

Around Zealand, you can enjoy unique activities based on history and nature. Go back in time to the Stone Age, the Middle Ages or the Viking Age or watch Denmark's birdlife up close.

At Roskilde Viking Ship Museum you can see Viking ships, and the culture of sailing and boat-building.

In Åmosen Nature Park you can see Denmark’s most beautiful bird lake and visit the Fugledegaard Visitor Centre.

At Stevns Klint you can see and explore a UNESCO World Heritage site together.

Denmark’s small islands

Falster: At the Medieval Centre in Nykøbing Falster you can practice as knights, try building and experiment with water.

Lolland: Here you can visit Maribo Lakes Nature Park and Nakskov Fjord Nature Park or download the Naturlandet app, which is a guide to nature activities across Lolland.

Ærø: At Marstal Maritime Museum you can see things that sailors have brought home from distant lands and try your hand at the helm of a play ship.

Langeland: On the southern tip of Langeland you can meet Langeland’s Wild Horses, which survive all year round largely without human help.

Getting outdoors on the islands

Denmark has several small islands with exciting and varied natural life, with lots of opportunities for outings together.


Natur Bornholm is a family activity centre showing nature and geology on Bornholm from the time of the dinosaurs to the present day.

Hammershus Visitor Centre overlooks the castle ruins and the Baltic Sea. Visit the exhibition and explore the distinctive landscape.

Bornholm Butterfly Park is a tropical universe where you can see more than 1000 different colourful butterflies.


At Fjord & Bælt in Kerteminde you can go round a magical blue universe and meet marine animals.

In the Funen Village in Odense you can see what everyday life was like in the past.

At Naturama in Svendborg you can get close to wild creatures and learn about conservation.

Exploring the countryside of Funen

On Funen there are plenty of opportunities to find out about wild animals in the sea, in the forest and in zoos.

The Viking Museum in Ladby is right next to Kerteminde Fjord. Here you can try out Viking weapons and see Denmark’s only Viking ship burial.

Nyborg Castle is surrounded by a rampart and close to Nyborg Fjord. Explore the castle surroundings and step back in time.

AtHindsgavl Deer Park you can see red deer, roe deer and fallow deer.

North Jutland

At Aalborg Zoo you can see more than 2300 different animals from all over the world. Try an exciting day out with everything from lions and elephants to flamingos.

At Fun Park Hirtshals you can try lots of outdoor activities and visit the park’s many different animals, including raccoons, chickens and red deer.

Out in the country in North Jutland

In North Jutland, you can try Røverknolden, the best nature playground in Scandinavia, or play on Skagen's beautiful beaches in its world-famous sunlight.

Røverknolden is a Nature Playground in Rold Forest, where you can follow in the footsteps of Thumbelina, or perhaps meet robbers or walk on a spider’s web.

From Grenen in Skagen you can ride in the tractor-drawn bus, Sandormen.

West Jutland

In Thy National Park you can experience Denmark’s largest area of wild country. Go exploring among the big dunes, swim in the North Sea or play in the nature playgrounds.

At the Naturkraft adventure centre in Ringkøbing, you can try exciting activities together and learn about how the forces of nature affect us.

Jyllandsakvariet in Thyborøn has a special exhibition of ice art all year round. There are also child-friendly aquariums.

Central Jutland

At Økolariet in Vejle you can learn more about sustainability and science or find a nature event that suits you.

Moesgaard Museum is situated in a naturally beautiful area where together, you can discover history down the generations.

Randers Regnskov is a tropical zoo where you can go round in a humid climate and see brightly coloured tropical animals and plants.

Out in the country in Central Jutland

At the centre of Jutland, you will find a wealth of different attractions that focus on activities and discovering nature.

At Gammel Estrup Manor Museum, you can see what life was like for the family who owned the manor and their servants, and visit the museum’s beautiful gardens and grounds.

The Green Museum is a unique experience for dads and children. It is Denmark’s national museum for hunting, forestry, agriculture and food.

At the Natural History Museum in Aarhus you will discover a lot about the natural world. Here you can see over 2000 animals from the past and present against scenic backgrounds.

Nature's pantry in Southern Jutland

In Southern Jutland you can look for oysters or explore some of the most beautiful forests, where you can also gather your own wild herbs.

Southern Jutland

Danfoss Universe is an adventure park where you will be can get really excited over amazing science and experiments together.

In Wadden Sea National Park you can go walking, watch seals, find oysters or watch the “black sun” murmuration of thousands of starlings.

In the Gråsten forests near Sønderborg you can walk in some of the most beautiful forests in Denmark, stopping at campfire sites and picnic huts along the way.