Podcasts for dads

Here is a selection of relevant podcasts related to fatherhood and its many guises. The personal angles provide an informative and entertaining insight into different topics, such as fathers’ paternity leave, being a good father, and family life for better or worse.

I’m a dad

I’m a dad is… well… funnily enough a podcast about being a dad. Being a dad is not always easy, and it’s not always easy to talk to others about the challenges you face when you have a family and children. At the same time, being a dad is also awesome and fun and you discover sides of yourself that you never realised you had in you! Being a dad is amazing, exciting, challenging, sometimes frustrating, overwhelming and chaotic – I’m a dad is about all of it.

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Brinkmann’s Couch - Dad

One of the people who influence your life most is your father. And if you become a father yourself, you take on responsibility for another human being. Being parents is said to bring the greatest joy, but there is pressure too, from all the expectations and physical and mental changes. Suddenly, you are aware of being part of a long biological history. This section is about what being a father means in 2020.

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Two dads, Jasper Ritz and David Mandel, invite listeners to join them in the ups and downs, funny anecdotes and tough questions of fatherhood.

Jasper is divorced and has Elly, aged 6, who he sees every fortnight. He is a 36-year-old dad in a family one week and a young man aged 21 the next. David lives with his partner, and together they have 2-year-old Pelle.

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Dad, there is something we should talk about

TV writer Thomas Skov talks to a number of fathers who open up about their relationship with their own fathers – trying to find the formula for being a good father to your child, even when they are no longer children.

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The DAD Side

The FAR Side is the podcast where dads think out loud!
In the latest episode by Christian Fuhlendorff, the conversation goes in different directions: death, bedtime rituals, social media, bullying, school and homework, and the struggle to be good dads.

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Bloody Daddy

In the podcast, Bloody Daddy (Fårking Far), musician and TV host Mattias Hundebøll gathers a group of prominent men. Together with them, he seeks insight and inspiration on what being a father means. At times when it’s magical and uplifting. But also when it’s hard, when it hurts, and when you feel inadequate.

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Crises - Men who talk about them

Eight men share their struggles with alcohol abuse, loneliness and infidelity, grief, loss, illness, homelessness and postnatal depression.
When a crisis hits and the life they knew breaks down, they do something most men don’t.
They talk to someone about their problems and they try to create a new identity personally, and as men and fathers.

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